Welcome to Imaginator's web site. Here, you can play Imaginator's games, read news about Imaginator, join Imaginator, and more! 

News: Alright, we have a boat load a video games coming up by Imaginator! First, I'd like to announce the our game maker is being ported to the Macintosh, and that means we can now make video games for the Mac! Now, for the games:


  • Dog Catcher
  • Imaginator Sports: Baseball?
  • Imaginator Sports: Hockey?
  • Harrell in a Barrel
  • Carrier Ops?
  • Tankbuster?

Now, for the possible video games:


  • SWATeddies: The Arcade Game
  • Dog Catcher: Speical Edition

Also, you soon may be able to order our video games online via our web site!

What are all these games? and the hockey and baseball are going to be hard to do!

There has also been a question on how much our video games cost. Well, here are the prices:

  • Normal video game: $3.50
  • Special edition video game: $ 4.25
  • Game request (Submit an idea) easy: $5.00
  • Game request normal: $5.50
  • Game request hard: $ 10.00?
Where does that come in? that is a jump, and before you post this, explain the different difficulties, or maybe change it to low, medium, and high quality!

Note: Due to the economy, the prices may change at any time. During Christmas, there will be a low price range.

 News: Dog Catcher, which is at it's beta stage, now has a web site for previews and downloads for the game. The game is planned to be released on January 4, 2010! Here is the web site address: http://imaginator.synthasite.com/dogcatcherhome!

News: Apparently, some people are starting to think that Imaginator's web site is some sort of virus or spam. It's not. If you go into your cookies folder, you'll notice that there are most likely no cookies from Imaginator. And, if you scan our games with any anti-virus program, it's labeled as safe. This site is official, not some sort of hacking site. Sure, we're programmers. But we are not hackers. If you want to "stay safe" by avoiding Imaginator, fine. But it won't do you any good. Also, the employee who's writing this is not a nerd.

 News: Imaginator has started a new game called "Virus Wars". Be on the lookout for more info! For those of you who thought it was virus "hunters", it isn't, because you can be an antivirus or a virus.

News: Imaginator™ is changing the website design and possibly website name!

When we do the new site, we will post it's url on here!!!



 Whaddya mean rett?!?!?!?! We can't change the website name! However, the design change I'm looking forward to. You seriously need to tell me this stuff, though!

News: Imaginator is now popular in our school. Tell other people about this and we'll thank you if we're on CNN!